Monday 18 March 2013

Clean, Dry, Cold.

 If we want the lubricant to increase the life of our machines we just have to think in three words: Clean, Dry and Cold.

 Because if we keep the oil-free of particles, reduce the humidity and avoid the oil increase the temperature we will get a spectacular increase in the life of our machines.


 The presence of dirty and particles in lubricants, either from metals or contaminants, is the main cause of wear in the machine components.

 To improve clean is a warranty of machines longevity because it increases immediately the service life up to 1000%.

 In order to get it a good filtration system, including breathers, and ensures the storage conditions are required. 


 The presence of humidity is the second cause to reduce the machine's service life. Water in oil increases the lubricant oxidation, produces rust in the components and increases wear. Water in oil reduces service life by up to 95 %.

 In order to avoid it good storage conditions, desiccant breathers, and water removal filters are required.


 Temperature is the third cause of deterioration because it accelerates the oxidation, degrades its characteristics and affects the oil viscosity. So to increase the oil temperature 10º C reduces the oil life by up to 50 %.

 Therefore to control the oil temperature increases service life, reduces deposit formation and wear.

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