Mechanical Design

AlterEvo Ltd. provides Mechanical Design services created to ensure that machines and MEP facilities fulfill the final customer expectation, both related to their functionality and their reliability, over its full life cycle. 

 By this service, customers increase the engineering department efficiency, increasing product differentiation in high components complexity, higher user requirements, new materials, and technologies and lower costs environment.

The AlterEvo Mechanical Design process is based in:

  • Project Management by AGILE methodology.
  • 3D-CAD and FEM tools (design of machines).
  • BIM tools (MEP design).
  • Fatigue studies.
  • Prototyping by 3D Print.
  • Design for Reliability (D4R).
    • Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) based in SAE J1739 standard.
    • Life Data Analysis (Weibull Distribution), Failure Rates l calculation.
    • Reliability Block Diagram (RBD).
    • Highly Accelerated Life Test and Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HALT/HASS). 
    • Reliability Growth programs
  • Tribology and Lubrication, Lubrication Regimes, Lubricants recommendations and Design of Lubrication Systems. 
  • Maintainability programs and Design for Maintainability
  • Design for Safety, Risk Assessment by ISO 14121 standards and ALARP
  • Technical dossiers, handbooks and technical records for CE Marked and other certifications.
  • Warranties management.
  • Failures Analysis, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Forensic Engineering.

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